Gavin's Mill Community Project

Gavin's Mill Community Project aims to turn around the fortunes of Gavin's Mill and transform it into a centre for community activity involving many local residents in a multitude of ways.

Gavin's Mill, October 2016
Gavin's Mill with Water Wheel

Currently, it's a centre for Fairtrade produce and crafts, with a shop and a much-loved café and sale-or-return facilities for organisations throughout the area. However, we have ambitious plans including the following:

  • Fairtrade café-restaurant
  • Healthy food centre selling locally produced vegetables
  • Heritage centre with local, relevant exhibitions
  • A working mill wheel to generate electricity for the centre
  • Other projects which may come on board as we develop this community resource

Gavin's Mill Community Project presently leases the Mill from the existing private owner, with a view to buying and refurbishing it to create a centre for community activity unparalleled in Scotland.  

Gavin's Mill Community Project works with Milngavie Community Development Trust, Milngavie Heritage Centre and the Balmore Trust.

Gavin's Mill Community Project supports development projects in the UK and overseas through our virtual gift catalogue, Gavin's Mill Gifts, available online or as a printed brochure from Gavin's Mill. 


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